Your dreams, our mission!

Perform in Japan is a special cultural exchange program created for Universities of Music and Music Ensembles both vocal and instrumental.
If you want to realize the dream of an international performance for your Students or your Ensemble, this is your program!
Play your performance in a typical Japanese venue. Your concert in a Kabuki Theatre, in a Temple, in a Noh Theatre, or in a large, amazing, Japanese Concert Hall, in front of Japanese audience.

A bridge through cultures

A “performance tour” experience in Japan is something that changes the life.
In particular, students will live a deep and unique cultural/educational immersion in a “real” cultural exchange program.
In Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto they will have the opportunity to visit school campus for a musical and social cultural exchange with Japanese students, teachers and educators.
But, most of all, they will be part of a formal performance at Concert Hall, a Temple or in a Japanese typical theatre.

You are in Japan!

00Not only music, of course… You are in Japan!
You can visit Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, the Mt. Fuji and many others interesting places. Japanese temples, museums, castles, UNESCO World Heritages.
You will travel by Shinkansen at over 300kmh.
Eat Japanese food, experience the kimono dressing, attend at a tea ceremony.
Your travel will be a full immersion in the Japanese culture!